I’m very proud to say I dance at Alexa’s Dance Academy. Not only is it a loving and caring environment it is a place where you are treated like the great dancer that you are :) At my old studio I was tricked into thinking that I was being treated greatly, but not until I actually was being treated greatly did I realize how horrendous I was actually being treated. There is no yelling, or downgrading of confidence, at ADA or any negative reinforcement, only positive! We only started here about 6 months ago, and we all have already grown very much as dancers. I love dancing at Alexa’s Dance Academy! Miss Alexa, Miss Angela, and Miss Natalia all inspire me to work harder and help me get better ever day :)

– Olivia,
ADA Company Student, 13 years old

Alexa’s Dance Academy is the best place to dance. You don’t get treated badly you get treated greatly. I am one of the happiest dancers in the world. That is because of the teachers at the dance school. So if you decide to go there be sure to thank the teachers. Those teachers are Miss Alexa, Miss Angela, and Miss Natalia. They all make me want to dance better and work harder. They are the best teachers you could have. So make sure to come to Alexa’s Dane Academy!!!!!!! You will love it as much as I do :)

– Elizabeth,
ADA Company Student, 9 years old

I am writing the following to let the public know about the best kept secret in dance. I have two daughters who dance several hours a week. They have danced at another local studio and there they taught dance the way that many people perceive it on television, loud, demanding and bordering on degrading. But, because of their love of dance, we stayed.

Enter Alexa’s Dance Academy and their secret. They teach with POSITIVE reinforcement, respect and encouragement. The staff is professional and pleasant. They are helpful as well as accommodating at every turn. It’s a pleasure to pick your child up at class and actually here laughing and enjoyment.  Not to forget that in the few short months both of my daughters levels have greatly improved.

Many of us “dance moms” have come to expect negativity but “dance if you dare” at the best kept secret, Alexa’s Dance Academy”.

– Theresa,
Competition Team Parent

My daughter has been dancing since she was 2 years old. I’ve been to three different studios and the difference between dancing with other studios and ADA is incredible. For the first time, my daughter is getting individual attention instead of just being one face in a group. Her dancing has improved dramatically in the last 5 months. The studio director, Alexa Tonis, understands dancers in a way I’ve never seen before. She works on strength, technique and stamina to make her students all-around better dancers. She also cares about the kids in a way that makes them love and trust her. My daughter is the best dancer she has ever been, but more importantly, she the happiest she has ever been.

– Veronica,
Competition Team Parent