Recreational Classes


Our recreational classes are non-competitive dance lessons. These classes will meet weekly for one hour at a time. Students are not limited to one hour a week though. Depending on how many classes you would like to take would determine how many hours a week you would attend class. We invite students of all ages to participate in our recreational classes. We provide numerous styles of dance to satisfy each dancers interest.

Our recital takes place once a year, marking the end of the dance year. Throughout the year in our recreational classes, students will start learning a dance routine. This routine will than be performed at the recital. Participation in the recital is not mandatory. However, we do suggest that your child participates because it is a great learning experience. All students who are performing in our recital are required to purchase the appropriate costumes through ADA.

Each student will be allotted a number of tickets for the recital so that they can invite their friends and family. ADA feels that it is important for our student’s friends and family to see all the new things they learned. It is also a way to show all the hard work and dedication our students put into the dance year. It is a very rewarding experience for the dancers to have everyone see what they accomplished. Please visit the “Our Classes” page to learn about each of the different styles in more detail.