Our Non-Profit Organization

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Alexa’s Dance Academy has a non-profit organization called “Alexa’s Dance Academy Cares”. This is the section of the school that donates our time in order to make a difference in other peoples lives.

External Activities

The ADA competition team will go to numerous hospitals each year to put on dance shows for children and/or adults. We spend the afternoon performing for the patients, dancing with the patients, playing games with the patients and helping them with activities.

We will also hold costume, dancewear and dance shoe collections throughout the year so that we can use them for our very own “Special Dancers Program”. This will also allow everyone to participate at some level.

Special Dancers Program
This is a free dance program for special needs children. It will run in 6-week sessions where the dancers enrolled in this program will come to dance once a week for 1 hour. It will be a little bit of everything; part structured class, part creative movement and part learning a short routine. At the end of the 6-week program we will invite all our family and friends to come to the studio and watch the dance these students learned.

There will be up to3 sessions throughout the year with the following tentative dates:

Session one: January 5th – February 14th (Weekday and time to be announced)

Session two: February 23rd– April 4th (Weekday and time to be announced)

Session three: April 13th– May 23rd (Weekday and time to be announced)

If you are interested in registering for any of these sessions please call us or email info@alexasdanceacademy.com for more information!

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