Original Teaching and Learning Experience

Our staff provides our students with an original learning experience. Each of our instructors comes from different dance backgrounds providing an all-around learning experience to satisfy each of our student’s desires and goals.  We feel our versatility is what makes us different. During our years learning and training in different styles, our instructors have vastly excelled in the styles that they teach. We have all furthered our education getting college degrees and continuing to dance and studying different styles in different places.

In addition to verbally teaching a class, our staff believes in helping the students by visually teaching as well. Each instructor will be able to demonstrate what he or she is teaching at any given time. We feel that this adds to the learning experience by providing students with a better understanding of certain aspects of dance. Sometimes you need to see things in order to do things. In addition, we have a multimedia playback system to visually help the students see themselves dance and to make corrections. We will be able to video a certain move or an entire dance and immediately project it onto a screen for our students to watch. We feel that this could also add to the performance aspect of any routine.

Overall, we are confident that we offer a very comfortable environment where our students feel they have the freedom to ask questions, visually learn and monitor their progress each week. We fulfill a positive environment that lifts the morale of our students. We also make sure our students are happy and enjoying themselves during dance class.

Our Staff