Our Classes
    • preschool_ballet
      Itty Bitty Ballet: This class is for our itty-bitty beginner dancers. For students anywhere between the ages of 2-4 years old depending on prior dance class experience. During this class, the students will learn basic ballet technique and self-expression through creative movement. They will also learn the structure of a classroom.
    • ballet_tap
      Ballet/Tap Combo: This class is the next step for our beginner dancers between the ages of 4-5 years old. In this class, students will continue to learn the basics of ballet technique but halfway through their class they will switch into tap shoes. In their tap shoes they will learn the basics of tap dance. Their recital dance will be in tap shoes.
    • ballet
      Ballet: This class will be a traditional ballet class. It will focus on barre work and in-depth ballet technique.
    • lyrical
      Lyrical: If you’re looking for something in between Jazz and Ballet, this is perfect for you. It involves expressive strong movements that can interpret a story or emotions.
    • tap
      Tap: This class would take tap technique to the next level. Students would learn how to do rhythmical footwork. It will also help develop timing and coordination.
    • jazz
      Jazz: This class starts with a warm-up, proceeds to some across the floor technique (turns, jumps and kicks) and will end with a short dance combination.
    • hiphop
      Hip-hop: There will be a warm up to start this class, students will learn hip-hop technique, a combination to get their bodies moving and basic tricks will be taught throughout the year. This class will bring students to a high energy level.
    • musical_theater
      Musical Theater: Starting off similar to a Jazz class we will do a warm-up and some across the floor technique (turns, jumps, kicks) but we will than focus on stage performance and personality. The dance will be to a song from a Broadway show or movie.

  • hiphop_tap
    Acro : This class is a combination of Acro and Dancing. Students will learn acro tricks such as tumbles and cartwheels. The class will work on flexibility, strengthening and tumbling.